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Toriumi Dean MD can be found at 60 E Delaware Pl #1460 . The following is offered: General Practice Medicine - In Chicago there are 947 other General Practice Medicine. An overview can be found here.


23 Reviews, in average 5 Stars
  • Maddie Feun
    wrote on

    (5) He's the best in the world.

    I'm scheduling a revision rhinoseptoplasty surgery (finally) with Dr. Toruimi. My Boston doctors have said go, go - you can't do better. He's the best in the world. I had no doubt about that....But...another surgery! Can I add that his practice director, Pat and his patient coordinator Patty have put up with my emails, calls and pictures for 6 years as I've been deciding on another surgery. I've decided! Dr. Toriumi. And decided on Pat and Patty as well. That made my decision.

  • nico wood
    wrote on

    (5) very professional and informative

    Everything exceeded my expectations, not only Dr. Toriumi is great, but all his staff. They all come together as a team to make the experience easier and very professional and informative.

  • Melinda B.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you Dr. Toriumi to you and your team!

    In December 2015 I underwent a rhino/septoplasty by Dr. Dean Toriumi. Five years prior I underwent an unsuccessful rhino/septoplasty by another physician. My airway was blocked on the right side, and, as runner this was problematic. Nevertheless, this is not a review to debase the other physician as he has performed numerous successful rhino/septoplasty surgeries. However, my case was one of those more complicated cases that simply required someone who has seen it all. Dr. Toriumi is one of less than handful of physicians in the world who is literally at the top of his field in the area of rhino/septoplasties. I remember thinking many times that I would just have to accept not being able to breathe, and, frankly, the less than desired aesthetic outcome of the first procedure. However, after much research (and a strong recommendation by a highly respected ENT out of Memphis, TN), I was introduced to Dr. Toriumi. Right after the surgery I could breathe and smell better than I have ever been able to, and this has continued. In addition, I am happy to say that I look better than I ever have thanks to Dr. Toriumi. I cannot express in words how grateful I am. Thank you Dr. Toriumi to you and your team!

  • Victory J.
    wrote on

    (5) Best medical treatment in Chicago.

    Best medical treatment in Chicago. Staff is lovely and professional. We are lucky to have you!

  • Harry R.
    wrote on

    (5) Dr. Dean Toriumi is them finest plastic surgeon.

    Dr. Dean Toriumi is them finest plastic surgeon. I had a problem for years from a previous rhinoplasty. I wasn't able to breathe. During my first consultation with Dr. Toriumi, I was told he could help me and get me where I needed to be. I agreed to have nose surgery and the results were wonderful. Unfortunately, I fell and broke my nose. Dr. Toriumi performed surgery again and my result she were perfection. I am able to breathe perfectly. I was so happy with his work. I decided to have a facelift along with eyelid surgery. My outcome is very natural and beautiful. The scars are hardly visible. I was always treated professionally and with great respect. Everyone in Dr. Toriumi's Office is always respectful and helpful. The doctor sees me every couple of months to make sure my nose is progressing well. He spends time with me and listens to my concerns. I plan to have more facial rejuvenation and Dr. Toriumi is the only surgeon I would trust. I recommended him to a couple of friends who had nose surgery with perfect results. Pat Golden, Karen. Maria, Bridget and Patty are always accommodating and have become my good friends. I recommend Dr. Toriumi with great confidence. He is the best! If you need nose surgery, don't let anyone but Dr. Toriumi touch your nose or face.

  • Jim G.
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional.

    Very professional, sincere interest in my health and my concerns.

  • Katherine P.
    wrote on

    (5) Everyone in the office is super nice and welcoming.

    I first met with Dr. Toriumi November 2010 and he performed my Septoplasty, and fixed issues from a car accident, on 11/28/11. Dr. T was great as he took the necessary time with in order to achieve the best results possible. My surgery ended up being a little over 6 hours due to the fact that he had to build me a completely new septum. This procedure increased my quality of life 10 fold. I completely trust Dr. T and am still seeing him almost 6 years later as he is still helping me with scars resultant from going through a windshield when I was 12 years old. Everyone in the office is super nice and welcoming, it's always a pleasure to see everyone when I have an appointment!

  • Jim N.
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional and excellent customer care.

    Very professional and excellent customer care. Could not have imagined receiving care from any professional other than Doctor Toriumi and his team.

  • Jackie R.
    wrote on

    (5) Dr. Toriumi was able to rebuild my whole nose.

    I came to Dr. Toriumi with a deformed nose from my previous rhinoplasty, I could not breathe and my nose was collapsing visibly. Dr. Toriumi was able to rebuild my whole nose which now looks amazing while also allowing me to breathe again. If it was not for Dr. Toriumi I don't know what I would've done. He is so patient and caring and still checks on me two years later.

  • Janice P.
    wrote on

    (5) The best plastic surgeon in Chicago.

    Dr. Toriumi in my opinion is the best plastic surgeon in Chicago. His office provides excellent customer service with ease in making appointments and friendly, skilled and helpful employees. The office also offers skin care including facials, peels, etc. It is in a great location in the Gold Coast with discounted parking in the building.

  • Leslie L.
    wrote on

    (5) Dr. Toriumi and his staff are fabulous.

    Dr. Toriumi and his staff are fabulous. I'm a OR/Pacu Nurse who was born with a good looking nose that was severely damaged and disfigured. He reconstructed my nose and now it's naturally beautiful, structurally strong, and functioning. No more headaches, breathing difficulties or nasal sprays. My nose is a work of art. This surgery was the best decision of my life. Dr. Toriumi is talented, skilled, and world renowned. If you require nasal surgery save yourself the trouble and choose Dr. Toriumi. He's the very best. My word on it.

  • Kira C.
    wrote on

    (5) Always friendly and helpful.

    Everyone in Dr. Toriumi's office are always friendly and helpful. While there can be a wait -- the same can be said for any doctor's office -- they are very transparent about when they'll be able to see you and what is causing the delay. Dr. Toriumi is extremely professional and does phenomenal work.

  • J H.
    wrote on

    (5) There is no one better.

    Dr. Toriumi and his staff are incredible. I had broken my nose several times playing sports over the years. I had several other big-name plastic surgeons try to fix it in the past, but they only made it worse and worse, despite saying they would make it better. I was left with a big, busted-looking nose that no other doctors would touch -- they told me I had to live with it. But Dr. Toriumi carefully evaluated me, gave me his view about what he could do to make it look better (I was somewhat skeptical), documented it with computerized photographs so we both knew what we were aiming for, and then, amazingly, got the result that was very close to what he had diagrammed on the photographs. It was incredibly satisfying have things work out as planned, particularly when others said it couldn't be done. Please note that recovery did take longer because he used rib cartilage, and my nose is a bit harder than before, but it looks really good (if I do say so myself) and frankly you get used to the hardness. The follow-up by Dr. Toriumi and his team was very meticulous and thorough. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone having issues with their nose. There is no one better.

  • Andrew R.
    wrote on

    (5) Dr. Toriumi and his staff delivered beyond my expectations.

    It is my sincere pleasure to testify about my experience with Dr. Toriumi and his team. After an infection destroyed the interior of my nose, I was left with chronic inflammation, no septum, and no sense of smell. For years I suffered from one infection after another. Over time, a saddle nose deformity developed. In an attempt to look like myself again, I consulted with the best plastic surgeon in my hometown that "wouldn't touch it". He referred me to Dr. Dean Toriumi. My experience with Dr. Toriumi has definitely improved the quality of my life. Almost two years after, my nose is not only aesthetically pleasing; it's functional. The constant infections are over and my breathing is unobstructed. I must say, I still get teary thinking of returning home to smell my daughter's hair for the first time. Dr. Toriumi and his staff delivered beyond my expectations. I feel very lucky to have been under the care of Dr. Toriumi and recommend him without reservation.

  • Tina P.
    wrote on

    (5) I would highly recommend them!!!

    Dr. Toriumi and his staff have made me feel like part of their family. I've had a unusually long recovery period and the support Dr. Toriumi and his staff had given me was first class and I would highly recommend them!!!

  • Patricia K.
    wrote on

    (5) I wouldn't look anywhere else.

    Dr. Toriumi is simply the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Chicago. I have researched surgeons for years and I finally decided to proceed with Dr. Toriumi. Considering this was such a personal decision, I could not imagine choosing anyone else. I felt like I had the best level of care throughout this long process, he has displayed a level of care and attention to detail that was well worth the cost. I wouldn't look anywhere else.

  • Anthonette R.
    wrote on

    (5) Dr. Toriumi provided me with expert advice and service.

    Dr. Toriumi provided me with expert advice and service for my facial treatment. The result has been outstanding. I am really impressed with how Dr. Toriumi was able to assess my needs and communicated to me what was needed to be done.

  • Marie B.
    wrote on

    (5) They offer quality service procedure you can definitely trust.

    My facial treatment has been a real success thanks to Dr. Toriumi and staff. If you want nothing less but the best results for your skin, you should visit this clinic. They offer quality service procedure you can definitely trust.

  • Denise S.
    wrote on

    (5) Dr. Toriumi is really of high quality.

    The facial treatment being offered by Dr. Toriumi is really of high quality. I have gone through the procedure and the final result was amazing. I am thankful that I have been able to find out about his clinic.

  • Anna M.
    wrote on

    (5) I recommend him and his staffs.

    Having been a patient of Dr. Toriumi for several years already, I can prove to the quality of the treatments he administers. The results have been consistently great for me. I recommend him and his staffs.

  • Jeane T.
    wrote on

    (5) Dr. Toriumi is really great

    The facial treatment administered to me by Dr. Toriumi is really great. Before going through the process, he made sure to talk to me and explain everything I have to go through. I love his professional approach to client satisfaction.

  • Lissa B.
    wrote on

    (5) I highly recommend her for anyone.

    The results I have received from Dr. Toriumi is really beautiful. Before she did the facial treatment, she made sure that my skin was analyzed properly and professionally. I highly recommend her for anyone who are looking for quality service procedure.

  • Lillian O.
    wrote on

    (5) I trust him with any facial treatment

    I've been a patient of Dr. Toriumi for 21 years. I trust him with any facial treatment. Maria, his Medical Esthetician, performed a SilkPeel treatment for me. She assessed my needs, analyzed my skin and asked my input. Maria delivered a beautiful result. My skin was hydrated, glowing and healthy. I am 61 and I highly recommend Dr. Toriumi's team for professional and beautiful results.

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